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As a responsible financial services company, Loan Republic is serious about security. We carefully follow strict procedures to ensure your sensitive personal information (SPI) is protected at all times. The following summarizes our security approach by document type:

Loan Republic relies on the efficiencies of the Internet to provide an excellent customer experience while keeping our administrative overhead (and our rates) as low as possible. To ensure your information is kept secure, all communications to are encrypted at 128-bit strength over the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. SSL facilitates the encryption of data between your Internet browser and our corporate servers to prevent interception or deciphering by an unwanted third party.

Certified Domain
'Phishing' and 'pharming' are techniques uses to gather information from the unsuspecting public by imitating  websites.  You can be assured your are on the 'real' Loan Republic website by clicking on the Certified Domain validation seal below.  This seal, issued by, the SSL Certificate Authority and the world's largest domain registrar, certifies you are browsing the legal originator of

Loan Republic encourages the use of email for quick and efficient communications internally and with our customers.  However, email is inherently unsecure.  Loan Republic enhances standard emails to meet our security requirements by implementing the following controls:

1) Email sent from Loan Republic Financial does not contain sensitive personal information (SPI) in the body of the email.
2) Email attachments, such as PDFs which may contain SPI are encrypted and accessible by password only
3) Emails that contain links to SPI at require you to login over SSL for access.
4) We strongly encourage you to use an encryption feature (such as Adobe PDF, WinRAR, or WinZip encryption tools) when emailing SPI to us. If you do not have access to an encryption feature, we suggest you fax us your information - all faxes are inherently secure when transmitted over a dedicated analog phone line.

Fax - Incoming
Incoming faxes are automatically converted to electronic format and routed via a fax server to our customer service center. This process prevents unauthorized personal in the vicinity of an unsecured fax machine from having access or viewing your information.

Fax - Outgoing
Most outgoing faxes are created and sent electronically (never printed on paper) through a fax server computer accessible by authorized Loan Republic personnel only. In the event it is necessary to fax or scan a printed document (such as an original signed application), the documents are scanned into the fax machine and removed immediately after transmission. The transmitted files are either stored in a locked file cabinet or destroyed in a crosscut paper shredder.

Loan Republic works hard to protect your privacy. Together, we can deliver the lowest rates with the highest level of quality customer service and information security. For more information on our privacy security policies, please ask your Loan Manager.

Hard Copy Documents
Hard copy documents received at our customer service center are stored in locked steel file cabinets accessible only by authorized Loan Republic personnel. Once the documents are scanned to electronic format, they are immediately shredded in high-volume, cross-cut industrial shredders.

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